How Rich Do You Have To Be to Stop Feeling Poor

The other day I was introduced to a wealthy business person.
I think he needed to categorise me and immediately asked what I did for a living. I said,” I am an artist”
He looked at me with a mixture of pity and condescension; “Do you even make money from art?” I boomeranged back and asked him ” How rich do you have to be to stop feeling poor?’
Taken aback by my directness (a trait taught to me by my mother in law, thanks Pearl), I saw him falter. I continued, ” It’s because I paint that my life is rich, it’s because I am able to do what I love that my life is enriched, so to debase it and make it only about money is poor thinking.”
I don’t know if he got the message, it doesn’t matter, YES I LOVE selling my art but it’s not the reason I do it.
I do it because I feel compelled to and that keeps me balanced, the fact that people appreciate it helps affirm my place in society.
So thank you to those who give art the value it deserves.
Every artist and potter I have ever met, has been generous with their time and information, it’s an open handed value system.
It’s not about cars, rings and status it’s about finding a place in the world where you belong and where others SEE you.
But it’s also about freedom of expression and beautifying corners of the world with the original imaginings of others.



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