After a recent trip I had alot of noise in my head, I’ll call it Observations from Suburbia, here are some of them…
Everyone is in their own movie, make your movie about YOU.
* It’s important to be current, but not too current -think for yourself.
*Villains in movies always tend to have a red angry pimple on their neck.
*Check for red angry neck pimples, if you find some see a psychiatrist or buy pimple cream.
*Buy flowers for people when they are alive and well, it brings living joy.
*Don’t fly for funerals, fly for fun.
*You cry in movies on an aeroplane because mortality and transience are closely entwined.
*When I enter airports of new countries it’s like a new movie scene.
*There is always a cleaner working anonymously in the airport toilet.
*Greet the cleaner, everyone has a role to play.
*Hello is a five-letter word, use it often.
* How you treat a waiter will tell me a lot about you.
*The world is full of good people, not all taxi drivers fit into that category.
*Concepts of Western culture, are just that, they shouldn’t be imposed on other cultures.
*Incessant chewing of gum is an indicator of lower cognitive functioning. (undocumented)
*The achievements of your children, are their achievements.
*The way your children treat you will tell me a lot about you.
*Benign Neglect will force them to become independent.
*Being a helicopter parent does not mean you love your kids more, it means you need them more.
*Find your own purpose.
*Anti Aging is Anti Living
*Needing to look a certain way says more about your insecurity than it does about your looks.
*The wise have so much to offer us, they can only get there by being old.
*Changing an aesthetic value on your face creates an imbalance, it starts a sequence of always needing to change something.
*Talking about your weight does not equate to conversation.
*If you try to get thin for someone to like you, you will die starving.
*Body types other than thin are still healthy.
*What does being ‘thin’ really mean?
*Conversation should leave you feeling full.
*Eating should be a celebration of quelling your hunger, not a denial of it.
*When you start counting who picked up dinner last, it’s already over.
*You will buy many clothes that you think you want, but you will hardly wear.
* It will be difficult for you to throw out those clothes.
*You can only help people who want to help themselves
*You will only expand if you want to.
*When people extend an invitation, respond to it in the same graciousness in which you were invited.
*When you lend people money rather give it away because it can’t be returned without it feeling loaded.
*Some people love to stay stuck, it feeds their inner victim.
*Start running away from them even if you’re not fit.
*Forget monitoring your exercise behaviour and worrying about the status your insurance health provider will give you, buy your own fucking milkshake.
*Why is it that the most unfit looking people wear T-shirts that say things like, “Play hard, Train harder”.
*When you pretend not to see someone in a grocery aisle, they see you pretending.
*You may choose to live a life of safety in numbers, beware: we all have an inner cannibal.
*People who answer messages while they are with you, are sending you a message.
*People who consistently take phone calls when they are with you are filled with their own sense of importance.
*Distraction is not a gift, but many of us are good at it.
*How rich do you have to be to stop acting poor?
*How big do you have to act in order to stop feeling small?
*You can never have too many tape measures.
*Make your movie, a bold block buster and mention those who helped you in the credits

love Angelika

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