Female: Bird on Her Shoulder (Mantombi) SOLD


Mixed Media
1m x 1m
On Canvas
Free Delivery in South Africa



I have named this painting Mantombi, after my incredible second mother, who was dignified and strong. Mantombi is poised her eyes are alert, she is aware of everything around her, not even distracted by the by the beautiful bird on her shoulder. She knows that she must be peaceful on the inside else it impacts life on the outside, she breathes slowly and watches. In African lore, the beautiful Langazana (bird of the Sun), the lilac breasted roller is considered the bird of peace and reconciliation. It asks to take ownership of life’s journey letting go of what is divisive in order to move forward. When we let go of an inner conflict, the outer manifestation becomes released. This is the bird that was often sacrificed by kings in South African peace ceremonies.