Female: Ms Magnolia – SOLD


Mixed Media
1m x 1m
On Canvas
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She is powerful in her silence and her peace. She must be silent because she is listening… The gentle flowers don’t distract her, she is not listening to the forest or to people, what is she listening to?
It is the sound of her own strength, the part of her that doesn’t need to take a cue from others,  a person of strength defines themselves through their ability to trust in their intuition and stand on their own if they need to. Still she must be careful not to isolate herself, she needs fodder from others, thier views and information. But she must never lose the sound of her own heart.
This is your core, hold onto it, listen to it, and define your voice from it. When you speak you will know that your own words carry so much more weight than if they were mere impersonations of somebody else’s.