Female: XXX


Mixed Media
1m x 1m
On Canvas
Free Delivery in South Africa



When I was painting xxx , I was vacillating with the colour and structure and set her up outside on the bench to catch her in a different light when Victor from the garden service swooped into the drive and beautiful garden people poured out of his tiny bakkie and into the garden.  Victor walked over like he normally does and gave his thoughts on the painting, I could tell he was distracted so I questioned him. He laughed, reluctant to go on but he knew I wasn’t going to let it go, so he began to share with me his predicament while I painted, interjecting from his story occasionally to tell me if he liked what I was changing. I threw some curved balls at him but the exchange was based on a history of trust, an understanding of one other and of mutual respect.  As I waved goodbye to Victor and his team I felt an incredible richness from that 30 minute exchange,  a feeling of warmth, ironically because we had shared in each other’s vulnerabilities.

Happiness in Life is a collection of little, beautiful, rich, vulnerable moments, it’s not based on one event, ( I won the Oscar) external affirmation or material achievement. It is in the moments when we feel our own and another’s humanity, it’s in the greeting someone gives you with a smile, the moment someone kindly pours your tea, when you drop something and another hand picks it up for you, or (in my case)when you accidentally wear your gym pants inside out the tag waving happily to all and a stranger puts their arm around you to tell you……etc, this for me is where richness  is held. Open your hands, open your eyes, open your heart .