Female: Frida Pop Art


Mixed Media
0.7m x 0.8m
On Canvas
Free Delivery In South Africa



Frida 2021 She’s a little intense but so is my mind. The last few weeks have left us reeling with the reality that has unfolded for so many in Durban and in other covid hotspots. I haven’t been able to paint or post, because what we are seeing and feeling is not normal and I don’t want to pretend it is.
The unfinished portraits staring back at me when I enter my studio leave questions in the air. What is normal, what is fair, how can I help, will I fall apart and when will this end? This strange, new, twisted reality has already changed and taken so many lives in it’s midst.
I love painting portraits of women, they take over even when I try to paint something else, they edge their way onto my canvas willing the strength of The Mother archetype to be seen. What is she saying? The mother is strong, she is quiet, she watches, she sees you and she protects you.
This has made me think of all the incredible women (and men) in the frontline, the nurses and one in particular who has bowled me over with her giving, humility and compassion. Her willingness to put others before her, to see as many as she can through. There are so many people holding, protecting and caring for others when we cannot. There is so much resilience, humility and courage amongst the people working to save others, thank you thank you.
Hold your family close, let go of the shitty, mindless small stuff, choose your perspective, be grateful and gracious and put compassion first. We will, as Cyril says, overcome.
Much love