Female: They asked for Peace and prayed for Rain


Mixed Media
2m X 1m
On Canvas
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This is my first long rectangular canvas and I wasn’t quite sure what to start with other than knowing that I wanted rain (a response to the severe drought in the Western Cape) and peace for our beleaguered country.  I couldn’t help but put down proteas the shape of which sits in my fingers and I feel compelled to get it down. I’m a big one for symbols, a white dove gives me a feeling of elevation reminding one to choose peace rather than pain and the anatomical heart symbolising our connection to one another and the earth. The hand symbolises the Helping hand, reaching out to one another, the hand is open, so much is achieved with an open heart and hand. The number 18 represents 2018 as well as for the Chai, 18 the number of spiritual significance in Judaism signifying life and being alive. The woman symbolises wisdom and insight. Blooms are for fertility and abundance and of course there are dots and dots of happy Rain.