I painted the original work in 2010 and it has sat in my study ever since, I loved it at the time, the work was raw and naive and was a depiction of the role of intuition symbolised by the bird, the woman was me. This year I knew that there needed to be a shift and l began to paint over her. I wanted to see how she would evolve, I painted frantically, the lines came in and out I could only think of the Noise in my head. My head has always been busy, there is constant chatter: judgements, insight, daydreams and planning. This is inherently me, I don’t judge it, I accept it as the part of myself that is vulnerable or kissed with fear. If you have noise in your head, accept it, but don’t believe it, it often comes to distract you from letting yourself truly fly.

Turn down the volume on your vulnerability (because we all are) and listen carefully, because somewhere in that busyness you will hear your own inner wisdom. Listen to that voice, it’s firm, it feels right, and it knows the path of your inner truth. Stand in the beauty of it, be yourself and have a fabulous week.

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