Angelika Anastasis started her love of art as a child and has spent time discovering and ‘playing’ with various media ever since. She has always loved the vibration of colour which she uses with ease in her canvases. She has worked extensively with clay and immerses herself in the texture of it, culminating in winning the Regional award by Ceramics South Africa 2017.

Angelika worked for many years as a counsellor using her psychology background and UK training as a hypnotherapist”. Within this space she learned of the significance of symbols seeing them as hints of intuition to take direction. “We walk away from what we feel and do rather what we think we should.”

Her canvas is portal the unchartered territories of the human psyche, a place where the essence of womanhood takes centre stage. She has a passion for unveiling the hidden aspects of femininity and challenging societal norms, more recently working on themes that seek to objectify women.

Angelika has participated in both group exhibitions and joint exhibitions; she is currently working towards a solo exhibition to take place in July 2024. She enjoyed working with Mr Price during 2019-2022 to create several signature eclectic pieces.

Angelika works primarily in mixed media, using both acrylic for more contemporary pieces and oils for her signature women. Her work is expressive and bright.

In 2020 Angelika published her children’s book, Thuli and the Seed of Truth, which was inspired by the work and courage of Thuli Madonsela. In 2023 she published her novel Nefeli’s Water, a fictional novel underpinned by magical realism. The strength of women being the force behind most of her work.