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Nefeli’s Water
This is a book about mothers and daughters, it is about legacy, learning to honour your truth and finding your voice. This is who you are.

Nefeli’s hair smokes and lifts in anger when she is provoked, villagers from Kakohorio (Bad village) believe that if you look into her piercing green eyes that she will damn you from here to eternity.

Nefeli holds the key to the most fertile land in the village and the mayor and priest know that water will change the parched fabric of Kakohorio forever. Water is bountiful on her land and the men steal it from Nefeli, the town begins to flourish.

Nefeli must find the courage to speak up and claim what is rightfully hers, but she lives in a language few understand, she can read subtle changes in the wind and hear the altered lilt in the chirp of a bird. Clematis flowers grow from her while she dreams, their faint scent cling to her like the past and it is there in her past where she will find the key to her future, she must unearth it’s secrets to help her fight for what is hers.

Will Angele the handsome new baker in town who is running away from a secret come to her rescue or will the miraculous properties of the water begin to reveal the truth?

Available soon on Amazon and Takealot.

It is with GREAT EXCITEMENT  we introduce our self published Thuli and the Seed of Truth

A few years ago, inspired by the work of Thuli Madonsela, I felt compelled to write a children’s book as a way of inspiring truth.

The project took time but I am pleased to say that it has been printed.
I contacted Thuli Madonsela and her response to the book left me in awe and is honouring.

Thuli Madonsela says,
“The book will make an immense contribution toward anchoring our children in the truth, justice and integrity that our world desperately needs today. I’m certain the book will make an immense contribution toward anchoring our children in the truth, justice and integrity that our world desperately 

needs today.”


This book addresses current themes, and explores the female narrative, Thuli learns of her own strength and becomes a hero
The book retails for R220 – send me a message here to get your copy delivered to your door. Or get your book from Exclusive books, Catalyst in Umhlanga, Mr Tickles in La Lucia and Thrive Pharmacy in Westville.


“WOW WOW WOW! What an incredible book” Ceejae Miller (Mom of 3)
“This book is absolutely stunning” Mrs Dewitt, (Grade R Teacher)
“Mummy I really like this story. Read it again and again” Arya (Aged 5)