Female: Humanity


Mixed Media
1m x 1.25m
On Canvas
Free Delivery in South Africa


I’ve called her Humanity: Bruised by the recent unrest in KZN and the constant sound of gunshots that rang through the nights, I started this piece. I chose the colours because of the fires all around and because of anger and fear. When I started I was very unsettled but as it progressed something bigger took over. Instead of focusing on the sadness and shock of those events I started to focus on the incredible sense of humanity that we all witnessed. The enormity of this humanity became greater everyday. This is what has stayed with me. My neighbours came together, people who have not shared a table, shared food, kindnesses¬†and empathy. People reached out to help in any way, sending sons barely even men and partners to stand guard and protect areas that sustain the community. Communities mobilised and fed people indiscriminatly, my aunt called from across town, I heard the tremble in her voice and then she cried, humbled by the two children who arrived at her door with bread and milk. My 16 year old son became gentle and carefully protective and my daughter tells me she loves me every night. As friends, we hugged each other tight, with¬†a softening and a kindness, that’s what happens when we dance with our vulnerability. To all you amazing people that were compassionate and kind, and who used their energy for the greater good, THANK YOU. Acts of humanity are so much bigger than acts of destruction.